Friday, June 14, 2013

My latest Stitch Fix

It's been awhile since I've received a Stitch Fix box, but one was waiting for me early this week and in the craziness of summer days, I'd forgotten I'd ordered it. That is one awesome surprise at the end of a long, hot day outside with a little boy!

The little box stared at me all evening while I waited for the toddler to go to bed, as to not get dirty little hands all over what I knew to be beautiful new clothes. When I was finally able to open the box, I noticed Alexandra was my stylist this time around and I knew it would be a great box -- she's my favorite.

I had one of those great Fix moments where I loved every item in the box. I didn't keep them all, but I did really like each style as I initially looked at it -- always a good sign! Alexandra gets me. 

The first two items I looked at were a tank top and a jacket. I loved the blue stripes on the tank and if it didn't have a hi/lo hem, I may have kept it. They just don't flatter me at all. Too much fabric on a my biggest problem area!

The jacket was SO comfortable! I've honestly never felt fabric like that in a jacket and was really impressed with how stylish it actually was. I mean, it was basically a coat to wear OVER clothes, but the drawstring waste was great. Unfortunately, it was a bit large for my short stature with arms much too long. Awesome jacket though. 

Next I had a beautiful blouse I had requested after seeing it on the Stitch Fix Tumblr page. Silly me didn't realize that I was requesting one of their most expensive items. After seeing the cost on that little floral number I loved, I just couldn't do it. Beautiful and so comfortable if something a little pricier is in your budget. 

The tank was fun! Loved the bold colors and it would have looked great under a jean jacket. I knew I wanted just one item this month though and I held out for this beauty:

I've never owned a tunic before. This is listed as a Tunic Dress and maybe someone else could pull it off as a dress, but I'll definitely be wearing some leggings underneath! SO comfortable, super cute, price was right, and we had a winner. I'm excited to wear it!

-Head over to Stitch Fix and sign up for an invite. I received mine in about a week. 
-Schedule your Fix. It costs $20 to get a fix box sent to your house. If you decide to purchase something out of the box, the $20 is credited towards that item(s). You're basically paying for someone to hand-pick items for you and ship both ways. All of that is free if you buy an item. A pretty amazing deal. 

-If you like it all, keep it all and they'll charge you for it all, minus a 25% discount. Sending stuff back? Pop it in the postage-paid envelope within 3 days and they charge you only for what you keep, minus your $20 fee. 

-The style profile you fill out is crazy detailed. Everything from height/weight/hair color to picking from inspiration boards as to what you like and don't like. It's awesome. You can even link up your Pinterest boards. 

-You can get a Fix monthly or just once-in-awhile, which I love. If it's not in your budget to get a box every month, you don't have to.

If you get Stitch Fix boxes too, leave me a link to your posts. I'd love to see what other people are getting!

The wonderful ladies of Stitch Fix have no idea who I am and I'm not being paid to rave about their company. I just really do love it.


Brittany said...

LOVE all the goodies in your box! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of another fix myself. It really is exciting, isnt it?! :)

Teresa said...

I had hoped you would post your fix after I saw on twitter that you were getting it. Such pretty items. I've been a bit apprehensive about getting one after my last one was such a bust. Maybe I'll give it another try.

Amanda said...

My best advice to is be VERY specific and realistic in your style profile. Make sure you're picking things you actually will wear, rather than what you would like to wear. Once I realized that I really like the "boho" style, but it makes me look super frumpy, I was much happier with my boxes.

Emma Vitale said...

This is my favorite one of your boxes so far! Everything is so pretty! My latest fix just got here today and I definitely had more luck this time! They didn't have the tunic dress in my size :( But I loved almost everything in my box, now it's time to decide which items are worth keeping...