Monday, June 10, 2013

New books from Mo Willems and Greg Pizzoli

I'm very lucky that I have a child who loves to read books. 18 months isn't quite the age where he'll sit still for long stories, but he loves to page through all sorts of books and look at the illustrations, letting me make up my own version of the story. Basically, I chop out a lot of words, so he only has to look at each page for a moment or two. It seems to work. 

These two books showed up last week and I was really excited to see both of them. Mo Willems is a favorite of all of ours around here... E loves the Pigeon board books, Aaron loves Elephant & Piggie, and I love them all. And after flipping through the Pizzoli book, I could tell he had Willems-like humor which made him a perfect new addition to our bookshelves. 

A Big Guy Took My Ball is the latest Elephant & Piggie story in a long list of titles by Mo Willems. This latest features a sad Piggie, as she just has her ball stolen by a big guy. Gerald vows to help...until he meets the big guy. As always, the story is filled with the dry humor Willems has become known for and both parents and kids alike are both drawn to. 

I loved the introduction of a new character and hope the new guy shows up in upcoming titles. It's great to have a 2 character series, but what fun it can be when kids aren't expecting a new character, but one shows up anyway. 

E's favorite part of this one was pointing out the ball on each page. Simple things. 

The Watermelon Seed is perfect for reliving that childhood myth that a watermelon will grow in your belly if you swallow a seed. The crocodile in this story is hilarious, fretting very convincingly about that seed he swallowed, and kids will love laughing at him as he continues to believe a melon is indeed in his belly. The burp, however, may be the best part. 

This one is screaming to be a storytime read aloud, but for us, it's just fun to look at the illustrations at this point. As E gets older and his dad inevitably makes him believe the seed myth, we'll be pulling this one off the shelf again and again. 

Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for the review copies!


Amy said...

We are huge Mo Willems fans over here. We recently read his new book, "That is Not a Good Idea," but I didn't know there was a new Elephant & Piggie book. My boys will be thrilled! I'm excited to check out "The Watermelon Seed" as well!

Ami said...

That's funny, I just bought a shirt that says, "See what happens when you swallow a watermelon seed?" Bring E to see me, and I'll really mess with his head:)

Stormi Johnson said...

Hi Amanda,

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Karisa Lowe said...

Love it when you review children's books! Thanks for the info!