Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some catching up

My current state of reading is definitely bordering on meh. I've had a hard time getting really invested in books lately, though I did finish several. I'm watching the shelf that holds my library books become fuller and fuller, while review books are still landing at my door. I'm drowning in books and though it's a great problem to have, it's becoming overwhelming and something has to be done about it.

A huge load of library books is being returned, unread, on Monday. It will be fine. I'm going to read review books until I get those shelves a little more under control and meet a few deadlines, then will return to the land of the library. I also really want to read a few of my own books that have just been sitting around forever, including these:

Fitness-wise, I've reached a frustration point that I've learned may be fixable. Without going too far into  boring details, I've always struggled to breathe while exercising, even way back in high school when I played sports. I had a hard time keeping up with everyone and always just assumed I wasn't in great shape. Fast forward to now, I've been consistently running for well over a year and am still having serious breathing issues. For as much as I've trained, I should be able to do much more than I can physically do at this point and have really been getting down on myself.

Thanks to Best Body Bootcamp, I've had a professional to bounce symptoms off of and I'm actually heading to the doctor on Monday morning. She gave me her honest thoughts on what could possibly be causing these issues and excellent tips for improving my running, as well as the thought that a doctor may be needed. I'm listening, Tina! This bootcamp is so good for me -- keeps me motivated, mixes up my workout routine, and Tina really is available to answer any questions. Loving it. 

Finally, some photos from the week:

Teaching E to do the dishes (or make a huge water mess), "King Solomon" fresh out of Sunday school, and a giant mango frozen yogurt with fruit and chocolate. Perfect.

Vacation next week. We rented a cabin, deep in the woods, with a 2 minute walk to hiking trails and I just can't wait. Goats and chickens on the property, our dogs can come with us, and we'll finally have a bit of quiet. Very much looking forward to it. Have a great week!

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Anita said...

I hope you have a good week away. I didn't finish a single book this past week...awful for me!!! My thoughts are cutting back on review copies, and I have, August is for conquering my book stacks!!