Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Toddler Library Finds

It was only a matter of time before E started taking over the blog. We all knew it would happen, right? Well, I'm not totally handing over the reigns yet, but I'm allowing him to have a new feature that I hope will become a regular posting.

Before summer started, we were in the library about once a week, but not on a consistent basis. Since our local summer reading program, Dig into Reading, began in June, I've made sure that one day a week (usually Mondays or Fridays) is designated as library day, for us to return books, pick out new ones, and pick up his reading program coupons and prizes.

One small irritant about our summer program: I love that birth and up can participate, but the prizes for the little kids are terrible. One sticker for reading 5 books? A coupon to the county fair for 15 books read? He gets in free for being under 4! I get that there are budgets and this program is offered for free, but the lack of imagination is a little irritating. He certainly doesn't understand, but a preschooler will!

I've started letting E pick out a few of his own books, while the attention span lasts, but I've also just been randomly choosing ones. Never know when we'll find a gem, right? Below are a few "old" books -- published years ago -- that the kid has just fallen in love with. 

Sam's Bath by Barbro Lindgren (published 1983)
The Little Train by Lois Lenski (published 1940)
Hop Aboard! Here We Go! by Richard Scarry (originally published 1967)
Truck Stop by Bonnie Dobkin (published 1994)

The transportation books were no surprise, as he loves anything that includes trucks or trains. Truck Stop is actually an older Rookie Reader, but it's perfect for toddlers. Very short text with large illustrations. 

Sam's Bath is part of a small series of Swedish books featuring a little boy named Sam and his dog named Doggie. The dog usually gets in trouble for things Sam makes him do, but other than using the word "dumb" often (I change to "silly"), these have been a big hit with both of us. Lots of repetition and cute pictures. 

These are Elliott approved, so I definitely recommend checking them out if you have a young toddler at home. 

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