Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Together Tea review

This story of a mother wanting the best possible husband for her daughter and a daughter who just wants her mother to stay away from matchmaking is completely charming. Darya simply wants her daughter, Mina, to find a good Iranian-American husband and her poor daughter just wants to be left alone and allowed to choose her own path. 

After  yet another failed matching attempt, mother and daughter decide to journey to Iran together. Though raised mostly in America, Mina feels out of place there and feels a pull towards her past in Iran. The pair not only begin to see each other for who they really are once in Iran, but also get a few unexpected surprises. When the surprise comes in the form of a man who is not of Darya's choosing, Mina has to decide how she'll break her new relationship to her mother. 

I loved the banter of the two women and appreciated the lack of constant fighting amongst the pair. I've read many books with a similar subject line, but typically the parents and daughter are just at each other's throats the entire time and the daughter is totally unhappy w
ith life. Mina is resigned to the fact that her mother is going to try to find her a husband, yet still loves and appreciates her. There's a bit of annoyance and resentment on Mina's part, yet she isn't running away from her mother.

The traveling portions were excellent and I really loved getting a glimpse into what it may have been like growing up in a country with such conflict. The author managed to include the serious nature of that time period with the wit of her characters, allowing for a lighter tone. I really enjoyed it!

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trish said...

I know what you mean about the constant bickering in books like this. I'm much more charmed by witty banter, and it sounds like this book has it in spades!

Thanks for being on the tour!