Thursday, August 15, 2013

Equilibrium review

After suffering with bipolar disorder, Laura's husband committed suicide and she's left to raise their two children, Darcy and Troy, alone in the aftermath of this tragedy. Being a single parent is never easy, but attempting to parent two teens who traumatically lost their father is proving to be more than Laura can handle. 

When a well-meaning friend pushes Laura to rent out her husband's old office space to bring in more money, she's reluctant, but agrees. Aiden moves in and slowly works his way into the family, despite Laura's hesitance and Darcy's anger towards the idea of having someone replace her father. 

This was a quick read, easy to get through in an afternoon, and an interesting look at mental illness. Lorrie Thomson attempted to find a balance between telling a story of mental illness within a family and the tragedies that can often occur because of those illnesses and a romance. She definitely succeeded with the mental illness portions, but at times the writing felt stilted and forced and not all the situations the Laura and Darcy find themselves in are believable. 

I think a book like this is hard to describe,because there's so much going on. It was obvious that Thomson had a passion to write about the effects of bipolar disorder on families and she really did that well, however, I just didn't believe in the rest of the book -- and the "sexy new tenant" was a little coincidental (and corny) for me. 

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Lorrie Thomson said...

Thank you for taking the time to read and review Equilibrium.

trish said...

Mental illness is so hard to deal with in a family! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book as part of the tour.