Thursday, August 1, 2013

July in Review

Well, it's August. Anyone of you out there pleading with the universe to get fall weather here quicker? Typically, by this point in the summer, I would be one of those that have had enough with the heat, anxiously awaiting sweater weather, but this year I'm enjoying summer with my boy. It's great that we can head out and play for an hour after dinner, soaking up the sun a little bit longer. It also means I can read outside later and not freeze my toes off. 

I didn't feel like I accomplished many books in July, when in fact, I read quite a few! My non-fiction-loving-self finally sat down and read a few of the books on my TBR and I really enjoyed mixing up the  fiction a little more. 

15 read
12 Adult
3 YA
1 Audio
4 Non-Fiction

Favorites from the month:

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Susan said...

I'm SO ready for summer -- and it's weather -- to be over. 'Course it won't really cool off here until November or so! You're lucky to be able to play/read outside without melting. Sounds like you've been enjoying it :)