Friday, September 13, 2013

Sophie's Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller

Many kids have a very favorite toy that becomes an attachment. A friend in toy form for the child and a companion that he or she just simply does not want to let go of. This is exactly the case for Sophie, except that her favorite is a squash. 

After choosing the most beautiful squash at the farmer's market, Sophie knows she's found something special. Rather than letting her mom cook it up, she names the squash Bernice and begins a unique friendship, despite her parents warnings that the squash will eventually rot. 

When that sad time comes, Sophie is very brave and buries her rotting squash in the ground, only to find a beautiful plant growing in its place come spring time. 

The illustrations, done by Anne Wilsdorf, add a hilarity to this sweet friendship story and the concept of a plant's life cycle is subtly explained, making it a great introduction into the science of autumn and what happens to plants and leaves. 

Sophie's Squash would make a great read aloud to a 3 and up group, especially with the silly illustrations. Maybe librarians and teachers could tie it into a craft, helping kids to make their own version of Bernice!

Thanks to Random House for a sending a review copy! This one will be hanging out on my shelves until E is old enough to read it with me. It's a keeper!


Ami said...

I knew I had to bring this one home as soon as I saw it - between Daddy's "squash is what you do to bugs", and my kids' goofy ideas of toys, I knew it would be a hit.

KT said...

my kiddo has crazy food restrictions, but he can eat (and loves!) butternut squash. The other day we found a particularly nice one at the grocery store and he carried it around like a baby all morning.

This looks like a fantastic book for us :)