Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi

Corey and Holly are twins and best friends. Together with Corey's girlfriend Savitri, the trio spend their time freerunning all over the city of Chicago. Jumping off walls, rocketing from roof to roof, and constantly keeping their adrenaline high. 

The trio is splintered after a horrific act of violence and neither Holly nor Savitri knows quite how to recover. Grieving in different ways, the girls aren't even sure what their friendship means anymore, let alone how to serve their brother and boyfriend in the aftermath. 

Using both written word and graphic art (which was beautifully done by Craig Phillips) Avashti expresses a crazy amount of emotion on the pages of this book. After reading and absolutely loving Split, I knew this author had a talent I wanted to follow, but this book has taken it to a whole other level. 

Holly and Savitri are each strong in their own way, emitting a sense of independence perfectly mixed with vulnerability. Their grief is obvious and almost painful to the reader and I think for an author to get that authentic feeling off the page and into their audience is a true act of talent. 

It was a pleasure reading another Swati Avasthi novel and I can only hope her next will come more quickly than this one!

Thanks to Knopf for the review copy. 

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