Friday, October 18, 2013

Pop-Up Love

Pop-up books are addictive. I can slowly page through a pop-up book, looking at the intricate page designs and wondering how in the world the artist and author managed to make such a cool thing, while Elliott just wants to totally destroy the book. Pop-ups really shouldn't have made an appearance in my house quite yet, as they're not exactly toddler friendly, but I just can't help myself. These three have all made their way onto our shelves:

Spot the Dot by David A. Carter

This one is loaded with fun search-and-finds, pull tabs, bright flaps to lift, and a gigantic pop-up at the end. This one actually works great for us to read and play with together, with E being fascinated with pull tabs and fun, brightly colored pages. 

The size is great for little hands and so far, the tabs and flaps have held up to toddler fingers. With the big pop-up at the end, I make sure he's careful as we search for the dot, so we don't lose it from the page! It's a really cool piece of art!

I love that the book is based on an award-winning app, so we can take the play to the next level at some point. I haven't checked out the app yet, but if one of you have played, let me know how it is! 

Animal Opposites by Peter Horacek 

I think this is Elliott's new favorite book. At least for this week. He's been very into opposites lately, which is awesome (yay for educational!) and the illustrations and pop-ups by Horacek are just beautiful. 

The animals range from the typical dog/giraffe/mouse to much more fun and interesting animals that toddlers might not know about yet. There are meerkats, sloths, porcupines, and snails and it's fun to talk about each one, as E lifts the flaps or discovers the pop-up. 

My favorite page in this one the contrast between the Heavy Hippo and the Light Butterfly. It was done beautifully and the drastic difference is obvious. The clear differences between all of the animals was excellent and the bold illustrations made the book awesome to look at. 

Highly recommend this one!

Bugs by George McGavin and illustrator Jim Kay

So, Elliott isn't quite ready for this one, but I just bought it for a niece of mine who is in LOVE with all things insect. 

Each page is almost journal-like about different types of bug characteristics: how they work, why we need bugs, where they live, and the different kinds of bugs around the world. There's a cool pop-up bug on each page and flaps to lift to find more info. Sometimes I think books like this pack too much onto each page, making it hard to focus (i.e. Magic School Bus), but I loved this one. 

Even kids who aren't obsessed with bugs will have enjoy reading the facts and discovering all the cool fun stuff hidden throughout the pages. Definitely a great gift book. 

Thank you to Scholastic and Candlewick for the review copies!

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Ami said...

These all look so awesome! They would never survive at the library, though, and while L. isgetting old enough to treat them nicely, we still have one more to come. Sigh. Maybe I'll just get them for me...