Friday, October 11, 2013

Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller

As a young girl, Callie was taken from her family by her mother and made to live a life on the run. Moving all the time, not attending school,  living off the tiny bit of money her mom could manage to earn, never having real friends or a real life, all Callie can do is dwell in the memories t
hat haunt her.

When her mother is finally caught and arrested, Callie isn't sure how to live. She didn't love the life her mother chose for her, but it was really all she knew. Being loved the right way -- being part of a family -- wasn't something she really could understand. 

I had been in a reading slump for a long time when this book was finally approved on Netgalley. I fell in love with Doller's characters and the realistic emotions they all held. Though the situation Callie was in isn't one we hear about every single day, I totally believed her story and believed in her sense of loss when the only world she really knew fell apart. 

The love portions had their place and were so beautifully done. I wanted Callie to feel the love she deserved and was totally cheering for both her father and for Alex. Family love and romance love. Both were perfect. 

Definitely keep a box of tissues with you when you read this one and make sure you try to read slowly. You'll be so sad when it's over and ready to beg Trish Doller for another book. 

Thanks to Bloomsbury and Netgalley for the review copy!

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