Friday, November 22, 2013

Let Hope In by Pete Wilson

We all go through challenges and struggles that occasionally wreck us. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it will. That's the way life works sometimes. We have to live through a pain that we never expected or a challenge that restructures our entire life plan and sometimes that brings us to a place we can't handle, can't face, or simply just don't want to. 

I read Let Hope In over a weekend and highlighted so many passages, I should have just highlighted the whole book. Though I'm not currently in a place of need, this book spoke to me through my past experiences and I know it will help so many readers through dark places. 

Wilson focuses on four specific choices that can change your outlook on your situation and allow you to truly let hope in. 

1. Choosing to Transform Instead of Transfer
2. Choosing to Be Okay with Not Being Okay
3. Choosing to Trust Rather than Please
4. Choosing to Free People Rather Than to Hurt Them

The book is Scripture-based and uses Biblical references in an excellent way. The point is made, but it's not overkill. The text is very readable and made for a quick read -- minus all the time I spent highlighting. 

This is one I'll keep on my shelf to reference when I have a friend in need (or myself!). The writing is excellent and the subject matter always necessary to have on hand. 

Thanks to BookSneeze for the review copy!

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