Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Locomotive by Brian Floca

Oh my goodness. If you want to look at a gorgeous book, pick up this one. If you have a train fan in your house, no matter how young or old, pick up this one. If you love a great, historical picture book, pick up this one. Just do it. 

Floca brings to life the journey of one family as they travel across the country via the newly completed Transcontinental railroad, complete with facts about the building of the railroad and even the noises made by the train itself. The book is really meant to be experienced, rather than simply read. 

Though my toddler is a bit too young to understand the text of the book, he stares at the beautiful images of the train for much longer than I could ever expect. Floca has managed to expand E's attention span - totally impressive. For me, I love all the details on the pages and find something new each time. 

Definitely meant to be checked out.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for sending a review copy!

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