Friday, November 1, 2013

October in Review

I keep thinking I'm going to be better about this blogging thing, but really, October was probably the beginning of my new normal. We have so much going on around here that reading has been sporadic and writing is happening even less. And I'm completely ok with it. 

I was having a really hard time embracing this new routine, until I suddenly realized that I've truly been living life these past couple of months. Having fun every day with my little guy and even when I'm relaxing, I'm catching up with shows Aaron and I enjoy watching. It's ok to not have my face in a book all the time or be attached to the computer writing up blog posts. I'm sure I'll get back to my 15-books-a-month reading, but for now, this is how it is and I'm enjoying it all. 

October in review:

8 read
2 Adult
6 YA
0 Non-Fiction
0 Audio

Favorites from the month:

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Abby said...

So glad you are enjoying life! And yes, I have had that moment, too... gone are the days of blog posts every day and tons of reviews. And that's okay!