Friday, December 20, 2013

Holidays, handmade gifts, and not blogging

Oh, friends… I'm such a blogging failure lately. I've been caught up in all the holiday goodness that happens this time of year and I've just let the blog slip. Really though, I'm enjoying the craziness of the season and haven't been reading many books anyway. I have, however, been reading your blogs, and I must admit that my favorite posts this time of year aren't book reviews -- they're gift guides.

I LOVE a good gift guide. I'm not sure what it is about seeing the things other bloggers buy for their families, but I'm kinda obsessed. I didn't really want to create my own gift guide, but I did want to share a few of the Etsy shops I've purchased gifts from this year. I love giving indie businesses a shout-out, so this is my way of doing that!

Beautiful ornaments from ThisOnesMineDesigns to accompany my handmade granola.

More gorgeous ornaments from one of my all time favorite shops: Two Elephants.

A printable quote from JaydotCreative and beautiful prints from Pen & Paint. Love to frame these… inexpensive, yet fabulous gifts.

The perfect cross charm from moderninspireddesign.

Aren't those great? With Elliott, we really don't buy him many gifts. Last year, if you remember, we stuck firmly to the something he "Wants, Needs, Wears, Reads, Creates with" categories and 1 Santa gift. This year, we haven't even done quite that much, because I know many of the things our relatives are getting for him and he really just does not need much more from us. 

Santa is bringing him a trampoline, similar to this one:

The kid LOVES to jump, so we knew this would be a great way to get his energy out. Plus, I found it brand new, on Craigslist, for a steal.

He's also getting some art supplies, including a fun stamp set and this toddler collage set:

We also were given a hand-me-down set of Matchbox cars and the tractor trailer carrier they come in. He'll pretty much be in heaven with that. I could have just given it to him, I suppose, but why not stick a bow on it for Christmas morning?

Finally, books. He'll be getting a few books, of course. On the list this year are Little Blue Truck, Can You Make a Scary Face, and My Big Train Book

We went small and simple, because my in-laws decided on a big gift this year that he'll love… I'm just still not quite sure where it's going to go. This train table will be making an appearance on Christmas morning:

They had it shipped to our house, so we can set it up on Christmas morning. If you've been to our house, you know that floor space is at a premium, but really, I couldn't resist when they suggested this. He's obsessed with all things trains and would spend hours playing with the table at B&N if I'd let him. Playdate at our house!

We've also been hard at work on gifts for other people. I made a huge batch of homemade granola (from Fix, Freeze, Feast) and divided it up amongst mason jars for teacher gifts. Between Bible study, MOPS, and Sunday school, he has a fairly large group of people who play with him each week. Inexpensive gifts were key. This is the time of year I wish I could knit. 

Tomorrow, I'll have a post about the bookish-gifts I'm giving to family and friends, so look for that!

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Ami said...

You may need to remind Aaron to share on that train table:)