Friday, December 6, 2013

The Smallest Gift of Christmas

It's no surprise that I love any book by Peter Reynolds. His artwork is phenomenal and his stories always have that hook to engage children and the sweet side for the parents. I give his books as gifts all the time and this latest one will be on my list to give this Christmas.

Focusing on the meaning of Christmas (without the religion aspect), Reynolds introduces us to a little boy who wants a big gift. A really big gift. He continues to hope and wish for a bigger and bigger gift, never satisfied with what he has been given, until he starts to realize that what really matters at Christmas is being with his family. Not the gifts.

A great new book to read before Christmas this year! I love that the concept of gifts not being the reason for the season is the main focus, but the story will appeal to lots of readers and not just those that center on the Christianity portion. Add it to your list, friends!

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