Thursday, February 13, 2014

New books by favorite middle grade authors

Both Laurel Snyder and Cynthia Lord just have it. They know how to write about kids in a realistic way that not only appeals to their target age group, but to all readers. I've yet to read a book by either that I don't love and both happen to have new ones out right about now.

Laurel Snyder's latest, Seven Stories Up, mixes a little bit of magic and time travel, with a sweet family story many kids can relate to.  I love that she can add a little spice to an otherwise "normal" story and it just comes alive. This one would make an excellent family read aloud!

Half a Chance, Cynthia Lord's latest story, is another family drama, but with some art mixed in. A young girl really wants to get her dad's attention and knows that his love of photography is one way to do it. She spends her summer taking photos and falling in love with the art form her father lives for. It's a quiet story, but filled with so much awesome.

I definitely recommend checking both of these out. Thanks to Random House and Scholastic for the review copies!

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Susan said...

I've never heard of Laurel Snyder, so I'll have to check her out. I do, however, love Cynthia Lord. HALF A CHANCE isn't my favorite of her books, but I enjoyed it. Like all her books, it's warm, uplifting and hopeful. Love her!