Friday, February 7, 2014

The Free by Willy Vlautin

Severely wounded in the Iraq war, Leroy Kervin has lived in a group home for eight years. Frustrated by the simplest daily routines, he finds his existence has become unbearable. An act of desperation helps him disappear deep into his mind, into a world of romance and science fiction, danger and adventure where he is whole once again.
Freddie McCall, the night man at Leroy's group home, works two jobs yet still can't make ends meet. He's lost his wife and kids, and the house is next. Medical bills have buried him in debt, a situation that propels him to consider a lucrative - and dangerous - proposition. 

Pauline Hawkins, a nurse, cares for the sick and wounded, including Leroy. She also looks after her mentally ill elderly father. Yet she remains emotionally removed, until she meets a young runaway who touches something deep and unexpected inside her. (synopsis via the publisher)

Part of me loved the honest feeling this book gives off, while the other part of me was just depressed. The story is incredibly gritty and raw and sad, but as I was processing it, I realized it's a pretty decent portrayal of what a lot of us go through every single day. Life is hard and some people are thrust into situations where they have no other option than to plow through and I think Vlautin did an awesome job of exhibiting that in a very realistic way. 

I have trouble though, with books that are seemingly hopeless. There were threads of hope here and there, but they were so tiny I had a hard time with it. Not the book for me plot-wise, but the writing was great. 

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