Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coffee and a chat

It's been awhile since we've had a chat over coffee! So many fun things have been happening over here and it's definitely time for an update, so grab your coffee and let's have a chat!

If we were having coffee... I'd share a few of the beautiful family photos we had taken a couple of weeks ago. 

Seriously... is my child not the cutest? We ended up with some really beautiful shots, but it definitely took effort on all parts. Elliott was not thrilled with anything to do with posing, so the family shots are few and far between -- give him a wagon or a tree to hide behind (or a flower to destroy) and he was happy. 

If you're local, check out Portraits by Inga. She's AMAZING and affordable and so, so sweet. Many of our friends have used her services and she's become a friend to all of us. 

If we were having coffee... I'd have to show you the beautiful new earrings I won! One of my favorite local businesses, Apple and Pear Wardrobe Design, ran a Facebook contest for a pair of handmade earrings from the lovely Etsy shop: Jocelyn Brown Jewelry. I picked the pair I wanted and they arrived last week. 

So pretty! They'll be great for spring. Check her out!

Even if you aren't local, I definitely recommend liking Apple and Pear Wardrobe Design on FB. She gives great styling tips and fashion tips for different body types and runs an awesome Style Chat every Wednesday night. Fun and informative!

Not paid ads, just my love for two awesome local businesses! 

If we were having coffee... I'd share my latest Stitch Fix box with you! I haven't ordered a fix in a couple of months, but I'm so glad I got one for May. I loved every single item in the box and had a very hard time choosing which to go with. 

In the box were 3 striped tops, a white cardigan, and an abstract print dress. I honestly loved all of it, but only kept the coral striped top. It worked well with jeans or capris, which I wear almost every day, so it will fit nicely into my current wardrobe. 

My favorite piece in the box was probably the white cardigan -- really lightweight with a nice, draped effect in the front, but I couldn't get over the white. Elliott would ruin it on me in 5 minutes. If it had been any other color I would have kept it. 

If you're interested in getting your own personalized stylist via Stitch Fix, just click here. If you do sign up, I get a small referral credit, so thank you in advance!

Thanks for chatting with me! If you do a similar coffee and chat, link back in the comments!


Susan said...

Ha ha! I don't wear white either. Haven't seen I starting having kids. There's just NO point :)

Lauren said...

I loved this post!! And thanks for sharing the pictures. You have a beautiful family. :)

Janan Massett said...

Elliot's getting so big! And now I want another stitch fix