Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

After a scandal rocks the world of journalist Kitty Logan, she's pretty sure her career is over. Add that to the fact one of her best friends and mentors is dying of cancer and Kitty isn't exactly having a great time in her life. Which might just be the understatement of the year. 

When Constance does pass away, Kitty finds herself recalling one of their last conversations - when she asked Constance what was one story she had always wanted to write. Kitty convinces her boss to let her turn the answer Constance gave into a story and thus sets off on a wild goose chase of what turns out to be a list of one hundred names of random people Kitty has never heard of. 

As Kitty tracks down the people on the list and learns about them and their seemingly ordinary lives, she also learns a lot about her friend and ultimately, herself. 

I had good and bad moments with this book. I really want to like Cecelia Ahern's books, since I fell in love with P.S. I Love You so many years ago, but I've yet to find another that I really connect with. This one was close. I loved the concept and the wild goose chase Kitty was forced to go on and I really liked the connections she made with all of these crazy people. I thought it was original and fun and it made me want to keep reading. 

I also thought the book was much too long and reached it's ending point probably 75 pages before the book actually ended. The scandal Kitty was involved in wasn't quite focused on enough and though I definitely realize it wasn't meant to be the central focus of the story, it did play a huge role in why she was falling apart in the beginning of her journey. I just wish more had been done with it. 

If you've loved Cecelia Ahern before, give this one a try. If you've never read her, I'd still give it a try, because of the interesting plot turns. It's not one I loved, but I can see others really enjoying it. 

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